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Vacant position: JSU´s Project leader

Students at JU, you now can now become the next JSU Project Leader.

The application is open until Sunday November 1st. The Project Leader is remunerated during one year. The mandate starts in January 2021, and the hand-over will start once the election is done. It will be adapted to your academical schedule. As a Project Leader you will work with the Kick Off, JSU Color Run, Valborg, JSU Fairs etc. You will plan these events in close collaboration with students at JU, student associations, staff at JSU, staff at JU and the JSU partners.

Are you the perfect match for this job? Then you are more than welcome to send your CV and personal letter to valberedningen@js.ju.se latest November 1st. Note that all applicants need to speak both English and Swedish.

Do you have a question about the position? Please contact the current Project leader- Jonatan Fredriksson

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Jonatan Fredriksson
Project leader

036 10 11 54
0707 66 62 44


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