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FAQ in regards of the coronavirus

Page updated: March 30th

Below is a list of FAQ concerning the daily service provided by Jönköping Student Union in regards of the coronavirus.

How is Jönköping Student Union handling the coronavirus situation?

Jönköping Student Union is closely monitoring and following all recommendations given by the Public Health Agency, the Government and Jönköping University. In addition we are represented in the special JU-wide task force that Jönköping University has put together. We have also cancelled all events including 50 or more participants. In addition our main concern for the rest of our events is our guests and staff health. Therefore we have add some extra sanitizing procedures, such as we clean our hands more often and don´t shake hands.

Jönköping University follows the recommendation from the government to transfer to digital education, will this affect my membership fee?

No! We follow the same rules as before:

The membership types are the following:

Campus Jönköping:

More than 15 hp = 330 SEK,

7,6-15 hp= 200 SEK

7,5 hp or less = 50 SEK.

Other Campus than Jönköping:

More than 7,6 hp = 200 SEK,

7,5 hp or less = 50 SEK.

Only courses via the web this semester = 50 SEK

Will Rio, Sydney, Akademien and Student Service still be open?

Sydney and Akademien will be closed until further notice. Rio will be open Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.00. Student Service will be open Monday-Thursday 10-00-13.00.

Will the Student Union still arrange events?

Yes! But due to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and the Government's decision to stop public gatherings with more than 50 people, we will not be able to arrange the events in the list below. We may edit the list.

List of cancelled events, arranged by the Student Union.

As a JSU association we need guidance for our upcoming events, who do we turn to?

Please contact the Student Union President, ordf@js.ju.se

Will my CSN be affected, due to the digital education?

The government has decided that students will still receive their support from CSN, although the school is closed due to the coronavirus situation. You can read more about the descision here.external link, opens in new window

How can I protect myself from the virus?

Please follow the guidelines given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.external link, opens in new window

How can I keep myself updated about information concerning campus?

Please read the latest information by Jönköping Universityexternal link, opens in new window, and keep yourself updated on the Jönköping Student Unions´website.

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