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Apply to the JSU Accommodation Committee

Do you want to help the Student Union to work with accommodation questions? Apply for the Accommodation Committee!

In the committee we discuss both international and Swedish students' issues regarding accommodation, and at the same time working towards making the situation better for all students.

Apply now by sending your motivation letter to: president.jsa@js.ju.se
Deadline: 13.2. 11:59

Questions? Contact: president.jsa@js.ju.se

  1. Someone living in Ekhagen
    Give us some real working ovens at least. These ones catch fire the moment we turn them on. Paying 4000 kr for this shit every month
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  2. Oona Heiska
    Hello, to comment on the comment written above: Issues related to accommodations can be reported to accoservice.ju.se where the accommodation office can answer to concerns. I would advice checking the portal and continuing with a report.

    /Oona Heiska, Student Union General
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  3. Harvind Prasad
    Hi Mam,
    I live in Bäckadal, to say about the accommodation it is a good one but we don’t have privacy to live our own life which is ridiculous if you can give a private room it will be great. The worst part in my accommodation is the internet which keeps us irritating. Hope you can improve it which would be great.
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  4. Daiweiyi
    I am a resident of 133 in Ekhagen.
    My room is very cold. It is not as warm as the other students' room. And I send Email to landlord but no reply. Please help me to reflect this problem. Thanks so much.

    Best regards

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