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Thank you for coming to Festive Friday!

Wow, what a Friday we had! We absolutely loved to meet you all during our little event, Festive Friday. We hope you enjoyed the event, and will visit us many more times in the Students´ House.

During the day, we had a quiz. You´ll find the right answers below.

1. The highest decision making body of JSU are YOU (all of the students at JU).

2. Until Nov. 14 you can apply to become the next Project Leader. The position entails working with the JSU events such as the Kick Off, the Festival, JSU Color Run and develop your own events.

3. You can pay your membership fee online and in Student Service.

4. The Vice President´s task is to work with the decisions made at the Annual Meeting.

5. JSU consist of four generals. Their responsibility areas are accommodation, equal treatment, health and education.

6. JSU loves social media. One of our favorite feature is Instagram Stories, where we publish approximately 19 stories per weekexternal link, opens in new window.

7. JSU offer several trips per semester. However, we don´t have a trip to Iceland.

8. In total, JSU offer you 15 associations to join.

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