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Couch list

Do you need some place to stay during your first days at Jönköping University?

Do you have some extra space that could fit a student sleeping for a few nights? Please answer the formula below and we can help another student in need to find a temporary location to stay at. If you are looking for a place to stay, please fill the formula as well and we will try to match you with a person who can offer a couch or similar for a short period of time.

The list will work in a "first come first serve" basis, as long as the guest meets the requirements set by the person offering a place to stay. If it is a match we will forward the information of the student looking to the student offering so they can make the arrangement for the stay.

Include in your email:

  • Are you offering a couch? Include certain preferences and for how long it´s available
  • Do you need a couch? Write a presentation about yourself and for how long you need a couch
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender

Email your information to president.jsa@js.ju.se

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