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Do you want to see a musical this week?

Don´t miss! This week it´s time for Showtime´s musical "The Untitled Kingdom". The show will be performed on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and you can buy your ticket in Student Service.

In a land far away, a long time ago, lived a King who only cared for himself and his spoiled Princess Charlotte. The King is raising the taxes in order to insure his lifestyle while the residents are starving. But when he raised the taxes one more time in order to pay for a birthday party for the Princess, the residents have had enough. A few of the residents makes a plan to demand that the King return the money. A big mistake is made that could cost them everything... but it could also be the Kingdoms biggest hope of salvation.

Price: including patch: 50 :- SEK
Place for the performance: The attic of Kulturhuset at Tändsticksområdet

29th of November 19:30
1st of December 19:30
2nd of December 19:30

Tickets can be bought in Student Service in Rio from the 15th of November.

Since Showtime is an english speaking association the show will be performed in english! Welcome!

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