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As member of the student union you´ll receive student discount, a union acting both locally and nationally for your interest and access to lots of different student activities and events.

Do i have to be a member?

In order to guarantee that the students maintain their influence over Jönköping University, the University has decided that membership in Jönköping Student Union is compulsory. 

This compulsory Student Union membership applies to all students, with the exception of PhD´s and students studiyng basår/ bastermin, who are currently enrolled at a course or program at Jönköping University.

In addition, students at Jönköping University reserve no rights to participate in any parts of their education without paying the membership fee. Usually, this is checked at examinations. According to the examination rulesexternal link, opens in new window at Jönköping University, students have to provide proof of membership while taking exams. 

If you are not currently a student at any course or program at the University, but are taking re-exams from an earlier course, you need to be able to show proof of membership at the time you were registered at the course. Visit the Student Service, Students' House, bottom floor, if you need a proof for earlier membership.

What do I get out of being a member?

  • The backing of an organization drawing on the power of its 8,500 members in the event you run into trouble during your time as a student.
  • Negotiation assistance and representation - The Student Union has representation on all decision-making bodies of the University. Here, we represent the interests of the students and make sure your voice is heard concerning issues such as student housing, campus environment, and health.
  • The possibilty to attend a number of activities and trips.
  • Continuous monitoring of education quality - the Student Union works to ensure that Jönköping University offers nothing but high quality education. Read more about what we can do to help in the event your education does not come up to expectations.
  • Someone who will answer your questions - regardless of what you may need help with, we're here for you. You're always welcome to Studenternas Hus to have a cup of coffee and talk to any of us.
  • A chance to spice up your CV - if you feel that you'd like to become involved in the Student Union outside your studies, there's a great number of associations and positions to choose from. If you have an idea that goes beyond our existing field of activities, we offering counseling and financial grants to help you realize it.
  • Access to the student´s own night club, Akademien.

How much is it?

The membership fee varies depending on your credit load per semester:

  • Over 16 ECTS credits per semester: 330 SEK per semester
  • 7.6–15 ECTS credits: 200 SEK per semester
  • 7.5 ECTS credits or less: 50 SEK per semester
  • Students enrolled at a learning center: 7.6 ECTS credits or more: 200 SEK per semester 
  • Students enrolled at a learning center: 7.5 ECTS credits or less: 50 SEK per semester
  • Distance education, regardless of credit load: 50 SEK per semester
  • Please note! If you  pay tuition fee to study a program at Jönköping University your membership fee in the Student Union is included. 

How do I pay my membership fee?

Once you have been entered into the system at the University, it's easy to pay your Student Union fee.

You can easily pay the fee onlineexternal link, opens in new window.

You can pay your Student Union fee at Student Service, floor 0 in Student House (an additional service fee will be charged).

Your membership card

As soon as you've collected your JU-Cardexternal link at Service Center and paid your Student Union fee, you should visit the card printers in the entrance of building A to update your JU Card with the Student Union stamp. 

This will allow you access to all our membership benefits, in addition to the student discounts offered by Mecenatexternal link the card itself entitles you to.

Distance education and education outside of Jönköping University Campus

If you are enrolled at a distance education or studiyng outside of campus you can download your JU card in the Mecenat app. If you wish to order the card, you can do it via the link.external link, opens in new window

Content checked / updated  2020-06-02

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