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As member of the Student Union you´ll not only receive student discounts but you will also get your own union working to make sure that you get the best time possible here at JU.

Do i have to be a member?

In order to guarantee that the students maintain their influence over Jönköping University, the University has decided that membership in Jönköping Student Union is compulsory. 

This compulsory Student Union membership applies to all students, with the exception of PhD's and students studiyng basår/ bastermin, who are currently enrolled at a course or program at Jönköping University.

In addition, students at Jönköping University reserve no rights to participate in any parts of their education without paying the membership fee.

What do I get out of being a member?

  • Solve various problems that students encounter during their education, e.g. conflicts with teachers, problems with exams, etc
  • Make sure that the students´ health is considered- Monitor internationalization issues
  • Support several associations and other study social groups, which all students are welcome to join
  • One part of the fee goes directly to the Student Association; LOK, HI-TECH, Hälsosektion and JSA, which help them to arrange their own activities
  • Run one café (Rio) and a nightclub (Akademien) where associations and students can arrange their activities, which contributes to an active study-social life
  • Arrange the Kick off twice a year in order to welcome all new students
  • Monitor the housing issue in Jönköping
  • Work actively to integrate international and national students
  • Develop the working environment
  • Develop the quality of the education conducted at JU

How much is it?

The membership fee varies depending on your credit load per semester:

Courses or programs can due to covid-19 temporarily be given digitally, this DO NOT mean that the course or program is counted as online courses. Following membership fees applies:
Program student = 330 SEK
Course/-s more than 15 hp = 330 SEK
Course/-s 7,6 hp-15 hp = 200 SEK
Course/-s 1 hp-7,5 hp = 50 SEK

Other campus than Jönköping:
7,6 hp-15 hp = 200 SEK
1 hp-7,5 hp = 50 SEK

Distance courses, specifically developed to be taught online:
Distance course/-s = 50 SEK (regardless of number of courses)

How do I pay my membership fee?

Once you have been entered into the system at the University, it's easy to pay your Student Union fee.

You can easily pay the fee online External link, opens in new window..

You can pay your Student Union fee at Student Service, floor 0 in the Students´ House.

Once you´ve payed the membership fee you can download the Mecenat app. There you´ll get access to your digital student card with several student discounts.

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JLT and Västtrafik are part of Svensk Kollektivtrafik. To use your student discount, you must study at least 50% for a minimum of 10 weeks. During your trip, you need to be able to show the "Studentresesymbolen" in your Mecenat app to the staff.

If you're unable to provide proof of your student discount, you'll be required to pay a fee. You can contest this fee by contacting JLT.

Different companies may have varying rules, so please visit Mecenat for more information.

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