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Pay the Membership fee

JU took the decision 2011 that the membership to the Student Union is mandatory* to make sure your time at JU holds high quality from a number of different perspectives.

*PhD students and education that does not give credits (HP) such as basår/ bastermin, are excepted from the fee. However, they are welcome to become members voluntarily to get access to the student discounts and the service of the Student Union.

Important information regarding covid-19

Due to the situation with covid-19, part of your education may be conducted digitally. JU has not decided to change the union fee or to count digital education, which when circumstances allow shall be conducted on campus, as distance education.

This means that education that is to be conducted on campus but is temporarily located digitally, is NOT counted as distance education. We understand that there are many questions about this and what the difference is.

- Distance education is designed to be completely online and thus has a different structure and thus a different fee.

- Digital education is only temporary and, in most cases, it will be parts and not your entire education that will take place digitally. We at the Student Union work extra hard to ensure that the temporary digital educations are legally secure and have the same quality as campus-based education. Following this the fee remains the same.


There are two ways to pay the memberhsip fee:

  1. Pay the membership fee online External link, opens in new window..
  2. Payment at the Student Service reception counter: It is possible to pay the fee directly at Student Service, BUT remember that there's normally a very long queue at the start of a semester. And we will add an additional service fee.

Note. Before you can pay the membership fee you need to confirm your studies at Jönköping University via StudentLadok External link, opens in new window.. After you've registered you can pay the membership fee the following day, after lunch. But please note that in the beginning of the semester it can take up to three days.

When the payment is made

As soon as you've collected your JU-Card External link, opens in new window. at Service Center and paid your Student Union fee, you should visit the card printers in the entrance of building A, Campus Arena or in Rio to update your JU Card with the Student Union stamp.

This will allow you access to all our membership benefits, in addition to the student discounts offered by Mecenat External link. the card itself entitles you to.

Note that you must download theMecenat app. This will allow you access to all our membership benefits, in addition to the student discounts offered by Mecenat.

Distance education and education outside of Jönköping University Campus

If you are enrolled at a distance education or studiyng outside of campus you must download your JU card in the Mecenat app, after you have payed your membership fee. If you wish to order the card, you can do it via the link. External link, opens in new window.

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JLT and Västtrafik is part of Svensk Kollektivtrafik. To use your student discount there you must study 50% for a minimum of 10 weeks. During your trip with any of these comapnies you must be able to show them the ”Studentresesymbolen” favailable in your Mecenat app.

If you for any reason could not show that you have the right to a student discount you must pay a fee. There is a possibility to contest this fee by writing to biljettkontrollen@jlt.se

Other companies might have other rules, please visit Mecenat to find more information.

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