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UNITE is an association under Jönköping Student Union. We focus on creating a community to unify all four schools at Jönköping University. Our mission is to create study social activities and event by ourselves, together with our committees or together with other associations.

UNITE aim to enhance student life at Jönköping University. UNITE doesn’t have any admissions, our membership is for everyone, regardless of which factuality the student belongs to. We works in project form and no idea is too big or too small.

UNITE has 3 committees: GIRLS UNITE, BOYS UNITE & NB-UNITE (Non Binary).

Present, only GIRLS UNITE is an active social committee, but on initiatives from students, it’s possible to start up and actively run the other two committees.

UNITE, through co-operation with, for example, GIRLS UNITE and other study social associations, will organize study-social activity, focusing on the priorities of the students of Jönköping University.

UNITE strives to give students at Jönköping University an opportunity to find new friends for life. 


Mail address: unite@js.ju.se

Facebook: UNITE.JU

Instagram: UNITE.JU

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