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Jönköping University Wizardry Association (JUWA)

The purpose of JUWA is to create a loving community celebrating the Harry Potter Series and the world surrounding it at Jonkoping University.

The Wizardry Association wants to create a place where you can feel like you belong and be your true self, and maybe sometimes get a little nerdy. It will be a club for everyone, whether you are an avid fan of the franchise or are just getting into it. This environment will be achieved through a cozy environment filled with discussions and a shared love of Harry Potter. There will be activities, such as quizzes and games, to help strengthen this feeling of belonging as well as arts and crafts and much more. It will be a place where it is ok to cosplay to meetings, let your freak flag fly and a place of no judgement. The possibilities are endless as the world of Harry Potter is very large.

* this club does not celebrate the author or share her opinions

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