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When night falls, the lights come on down in Tändsticksområdet (Match Stick area). They signal that it's time to drop your studies for a while and spend some time with your fellow students from all the schools. The gates of Akademien are open to all students! 

Akademien is Jönköping Student Union's own night club and open to the members of the Student Union. It has room for about 1000 guests and has 2 large dance floors, one lounge, 3 bars, DJs, Live music, food and much more.


Akademien is open every Wednesday between 9 pm and 2 am. It pays to be early: admission's free until 10 pm (65 SEK after 10 pm). 

Open Night

Every once in a while there's an Open Night at Akademien, when you have the opportunity to bring your non-student friends to the best night club in Jönköping. Of course, your guest has to be at least 18 years and must be registered on the guest list. 


In order to make sure you're admitted to Akademien, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Always bring some form of ID, for example a passport or a driver's license.
  • Bring your JU Card with an up-to-date Student Union stamp, which you'll be able to obtain as soon as you've paid your Student Union membership fee.
    • If you've just begun your studies at Jönköping University, you probably haven't received your JU Card yet. As a temporary means of proving that you're a member of the Student Union, you'll be given an Akademien wristband to wear during the Kick-off week. Please note: The wristband must be intact and be placed around your wrist. 
  • If you want to invite a student from another University to Akademien you must show a photo of their student card at Student Service to get them on the guest list. And of course you must be an active student yourself at JU in order to invite another student.

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Who works at Akademien?

Did you know that Akademien is run entirely by students who work as volunteers for your sake?

Do you want to help out at Akademien? Send an email and check if there is any vacant spots at the moment. 

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