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It's time for By-Election, where you have the opportunity to apply for our open positions and become actively involved in student life. Take this opportunity to challenge yourself in an environment designed for your personal growth and learning!

What do you get from being involved?

  • You have the opportunity to directly influence student life and the life on campus.
  • You have the chance to network and make new friends.
  • You gain work experience and that extra edge on your CV.
  • You can earn Study Abroad Points.

Which positions are open?

You can apply to become a Nomination Committee member, Operations Controller and Board member. You can find more information about the positions down below.

Keep in mind that none of our positions require previous experience. What you need is the desire to learn, grow, and contribute to student life! Take the chance to challenge yourself in an environment made for you to learn.

Nomination Committee - 4 spots

Members of the Nomination Committee are the ones who recommend who the next JSU board and presidium should be. They wield significant influence in the selection of students for various decision-making roles within JSU. One part of the Nomination Committee's job is also to headhunt students for future roles, which means that the committee needs to be out and about at activities and events.

As a member of the committee, you will have the unique opportunity to hone your interview skills and gain invaluable experience. Whether you are dreaming of working with recruitment or aspire to hold a manager position in the future, this position will help you get part of the experience you need.

Read more in the role description or contact board@js.ju.se from more information!

Operations Controller - 2 spots

The operations controllers are responsible for ensuring that the board is performing its duties and follows the by-laws and other steering frameworks. It's an observational position that only takes action when necessary.

You gain a comprehensive understanding of how the union operates and have the opportunity to gain experience in organizational development and strategy work. Attention to detail and the ability to voice concerns are skills you will have the chance to practice.

Read more in the role description or contact board@js.ju.se from more information!

Board member - 1 spot

As a board member, your job is to represent the students' opinions in all decisions that the board is responsible for. This means that you are expected to participate in activities, events, and other ways stay connected with your fellow students. Additionally, you need to be aware of what is happening within JSU as an organisation, as the board is tasked with evaluating improvments for the union.

This position provides you with valuable experience in witnessing organizational growth and how you can work on a strategic level.

Read more in the role description or contact board@js.ju.se from more information!

Election process:

  1. You apply via the application form External link, opens in new window..
  2. The Nomination Committee will contact you for an interview. Interviews are conducted continuously, but no later than September 28th.
  3. The Nomination Committee contacts your references, if you have given any.
  4. You are invited to present yourself, max 5 min, at a Board meeting. Time slot will be given during the election process. After the presentation, the Board will ask you complementary questions.
  5. The Board looks over all applications and listens to the candidates before making a decision with the Nomination Committee´s recommendation in mind.

Do you have any further questions about the application process? Contact board@js.ju.se

Note! The application must be written in English. These positions also require members to both speak and write in English.

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