Apply for a vacant position

Take the opportunity to work on behalf of your fellow students and apply for one of the vacant posts below! Until May 24 you can apply for the positions below. Although, you can not apply to the Presidium.

The Presidium: Note: It is only the position as President of the Student Union which is vacant! The Presidium consists of the President and Vice President of the Student Union. If you are interested in applying for either of these posts, you must be ready to take time out of your studies and work full-time for the Student Union as a paid official. Your mandate is from 15 June to 15 July the following year. To learn more about the position, please read the position description for the President.PDF 

Note that, in order to apply for President you need to:

  • Be a registered student, you can apply now even though you are graduating at the end of this semester
  • Send in your CV and personal letter to
  • Go to the interview with the Nomination committee
  • Hold a presentation at the Annual Meeting

Board Member: The Board is comprised of 11 representatives, who are tasked with executing the resolutions passed by the Annual Meeting, as well as making decisions in order to reach the goals set. The Board convenes roughly once each month. Apply for a post on the Board and represent your School (mandate two years) or apply as an PhD student or external (mandate three years)! The Student Union are looking for represents from each faculty schools! Read the position description for the Board.PDF

Operations Controller: As one of the two Operation Controllers, you are tasked with reviewing the activities of the Student Union and ensuring that the resolutions passed by the Annual Meeting are carried out. Your mandate is one year. Read the position description for Operations Controller.PDF

The Nomination Committee: Do you have a flair for recruiting? As a member of the Nomination Committee, you will conduct interviews and nominate candidates for vacant posts within the Student Union. Among other things, you will be among those recruiting the Student Union's Project Leader. Your mandate is one year. Read the position description for the Nomination Committee.PDF


Hristo Balabanov
036 10 11 51
0707 66 62 41