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SSA is a group of students from Jönköping University who are interested in sustainability as a whole concept, encompassing the three principles of the triple bottom line; social sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability.

We work on projects at the university relating to those 3 different elements, for instance;

(1) The cup project; to install a reusable cup system in the University to reduce the 800,000 cup waste produced every year by the Universities cafes.

(2) The Meditation Project; to have a free mindfulness and yoga program offered at JU as a part of student health as research has shown the practice of meditation and yoga to be of immense benefit in helping individuals cope with stress, maintain physical and mental health and improve focus.

(3) The Student Kitchen; to offer a healthy, cheap and sustainable alternative on campus for students to grab food at. This initiative really does encompass all 3 elements as we are working to create a sustainably run business on campus!

The world must pivot towards sustainability in all aspects to ensure an ongoing, prosperous future for everyone.

Therefore we want to create a more dynamic understanding and implementation of sustainability so as to spread it throughout the everyday practice of business and society.

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