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The National Advocacy Committee coordinates collaborations and student politics on behalf of Jönköping Student Union. It does this through acting as delegation, having workshops to further democratic involvement and member interaction as well as facilitate union-to-union forums.


The National Advocacy Committee started of as the SFS-delegation, one of the oldest parts of the union tasked with representing JSU at SFS Meetings. As time passed the delegation became a committee and then accumulated other similar missions. Today it works generally with national collaboration projects with other unions, as well as representation towards UHR National Forums and similar.


The Union has been parts of multiple collaboration projects over the years with different purposes. One of the major collaborations for over ten years was the E4 Pact, a student political pact that ended towards the beginnings of the 2010s’. Today the union works with strategic partners when it comes to student politics and runs a number of knowledge-sharing collaborations, mainly with the goal to further integration of international students.


Every year JSU-NAC acts as official delegation to The National Students’ Union of Sweden (SFS). It prepares motions based on the Letter of Opinion taken on the JSU Annual Meeting to present before the board. Then works through collaboration with other unions to get the question to the SFS Annual Meeting (SFS-FUM).

Student involvement:

JSU-NAC shall also conduct member interactive meetings, such as square meetings to gather information on what student-political questions matter the most for students at the moment. Besides this the committee strives to conduct workshops to further educate students about how to take part in the democratic process.

Formal mission

  • To coordinate national cooperation on behalf of the JSU Board regarding knowledge sharing, development and student politics.
  • To act as delegation for the JSU Board in national forums such as SFS-FUM and other Unions’ forums.
  • To open up the democratic process for students at JU.

Core mission

Representera och lobba för medlemmarna i nationella forum

Arrangera forum för nationell samverkan mellan studentkårer

Förbereda dokumentation gällande studentpolitik och representation vid nationella samarbetsforum till styrelsen.


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