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JSU Studio

We love everything that is creative. The Studio works with photography, graphic design, social media and videos.

Interested in joining the team? You are always welcome to send your portfolio to information@js.ju.se

JSU Studio is an agency, composed of three teams which focus on film and photography, social media and respectively graphic design. All members are JU students and through their work with the studio and partners they are given the opportunity to develop their personal skills in related work.

What the Studio does

All projects JSU Studio’s undertakings are founded on its members common interests and the created material is published through the Student Union’s and JSU Studio’s channels. Primarily, the work that JSU Studio takes on – such as logotypes, illustrations, posters, photography, videos, trailers, etc. – is for the Student Union and gets significant exposure not only on campus but also the city of Jönköping. Besides working on projects for JSU, the Studio can whether they want to focus on developing a certain skills, for example photography in a studio or effects in movies.


JSU Studio is divided into three teams, this to ensure that all the members of JSU Studio get a change to develop individually. The team members work closely together to inspire and motivate each other. In addition, JSU provides equipment, venues, knowledge and much more!

Profile for Team Media

  • Is structured, creative and responsible with an eye for details
  • Team player
  • Experience within Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn

Profile for Team Design:

  • Is structured, creative and responsible with an eye for details
  • Knowledge within Adobe Illustrator/ Indesign
  • Team player

Profile for Team Visuals (photography/ video):

  • Technical knowledge within film/ photography and editing
  • Understanding of storytelling, rhythm and dramaturgy
  • Is structured, creative and responsible with an eye for details
  • Knowledge within Adobe Premiere Pro/ Adobe After Effects/ Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom
  • Team player

(It´s OK to focus on only photography or video, but please notify us in your application in that case.)

What you will gain from being a member:

  • Knowledge within the field you´ve chosen
  • Work experience
  • Certificate
  • Study abroad points
  • Network
  • Team building
  • Material for your portfolio/ CV
  • Workshops with our partner FSK
  • Free access to the Studio´s assets such as photo equipment etc
  • JSU Studio merch

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