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Student Guide

Below you´ll find information, dedicated to all new students at JU.

Before the start of the semester

When you have received confirmation of your place at Jönköping University, it's time to start a new chapter in your life. If you want to come prepared, it may be a good idea to do the following before the beginning of the semester:

Your first day on campus

As soon as you have confirmed your place at Jönköping University, you'll receive a notice to attend a roll call/introduction where you will receive information about your course/program. 

The first few weeks

Your first few weeks are ideally spent exploring campus and all the things it offers. Why not join an association. You can read more about all our associations on our webpage.

Also, don't forget to pay your Student Union membership fee, as it is compulsory to do so at Jönköping University. 


Once you have studied for a while, you've probably had time to familiarize yourself with the life of a student at JU. You know what the Student Union does and which student association you belong to. 

However, even a veteran student may find it useful to refresh their memory and take on new challenges. 

Hopefully, you've found the perfect study technique, which should leave you with more time for recreational activities. Why not use it to spice up your CV by joining an association, or working for your Student Association or the Student Union? Creating value for your fellow students is worthwhile, both in itself and because it is an awesome experience that may help you find your dream job later on. 

As a veteran on campus, you've probably taken a number of courses and exams. Perhaps you've run across some as yet undiscovered flaws in the system, or have questions now that you didn't then? Contact the the Student Union to gain assistance in finding answers to questions related to your education.

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