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Rio and Sydney

In the center of campus you´ll find Rio and Sydney, two cafées owned by the Student Union. Here, you are able to enjoy coffee, light lunch, and home-made sandwiches at the best prices on campus. During the evening you can participate in one of the many activities provided in the venue.

ACTIVITIES In Rio and sydney

In addition to being a café, Rio becomes the stage for a number of events and activities every week. One day it's Language Café, the next it's either After School or Culture Day.

Maybe you or your association would like to hold one of your own events at Rio? E-mail Rickard to check if Rio is available for your event.


Café, restaurant and event area at the School of Health and Welfare. You´ll fint it in the entrance floor. Welcome!

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Opening hours: Rio



Where can you find the café?

Student´s House at campus, floor 0.

Opening hours: Sydney

Sydney is closed until further notice.

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