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Accommodation guide

The Student Union do not own any accommodation of our own and thereby we can´t as an organisation help individuals to find an apartment.

We are working with this area in a political manner and therefore we can only give tips to students looking for an apartment.

Below is a guide with our best tips on how to find an accommodation in Jönköping as a student.

  • At the residential portal studbo.se External link, opens in new window. you will find available student housing options that housing companies and private landlords are offering in Jönköping. You need to register in order to get an accommodation. The accommodation will be given to you after you get a certain amount of points. In the beginning of the semester it is easier to get an accomodation with less points. In additon you can also find accommodation from people living in Jönköping on studbo.se. For these accommodation no points are needed.
  • It is recommended to check blocket.se External link, opens in new window. regularly and carefully. Often available accommodations pop up and it is important to be fast.
  • Join the Facebook group "lediga lägenheter i Jönköping". Many students going abroad will publish ads for their accommodations there. This will be a good way to rent an accommodation for 6 months and during that time gather some points for first hand contracts.
  • Register to landlords who offer apartments other than student housing. You will find various landlords on the Jönköpings Kommun website External link, opens in new window..
  • Check adverts in local newspapers such as Jönköpings Posten External link, opens in new window. and Jnytt External link, opens in new window. or on buy and sell and residential sites for more options.

Other tips:

  • Consider to share an accommodation with other students.
  • Consider the housing option of living in a "student corridor".
  • Sometimes it is helpful to locate housing options outside central Jönköping. You can find homes with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes to the university. Search housing in neighboring municipalities, such as Nässjö, Vaggeryd or Forserum.

On the following page you can read more about things to keep in mind, when you´re looking for an accommodation.

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