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Starting your studies in another city means that you will have to find a new home. In the following we provide some useful tips and information to answer the question “Where can I look for accommodation in Jönköping?"

Find the right accommodation

Since Jönköping attracts a lot of students each year, it is surely not surprising that it can be a little bit difficult to get a student housing right away. Jönköping is a city where most of the important services are just around the corner or approximately within 15 minutes away by bus. Therefore, many of the student housing options are close by. Some accommodations are located near the campus, others are in greener areas outside the town. Most of them can be reached easily by bike.

The first thing you should consider is how you would like to live – in a corridor sharing a kitchen and bathroom with other students or would you prefer to have your own apartment? Sometimes you might not get your dream home immediately, but there is no need to worry. Usually patience pays off quite quickly. You may have to be quick and stubborn at the beginning of the term since the search pressure is rather high.

On the following page you will find som tips to help you with your future search.

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Do not forget to get a home insurance before you travel abroad. It is usually easier to do it back home before you travel to Jönköping.

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