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How do I find accommodation? Where can I buy course books? Who do I contact if my teacher has given me the wrong grade?

Students have many things on their minds. To make sure you are able to devote your time to your studies and participating in all the fun activities out there, the Student Union has gathered some useful information for you. You´ll find it in the menu to the left.

Unique discounts for you as a member

As a student at the University you will have access to a lot of student discounts via Mecenatexternal link. You can use the discounts after you have paid the membership fee and updated your JU-cardexternal link.

In addition, you´ll see the Student Union´s partners below. They will participate in activities together with the Student Union over the year and support the organization as well as all students.

Nordic Wellness Jönköping-external link, opens in new window Applies to all of the Nordic Wellness gyms in all Sweden (not Exclusive or Skidome).

A perfect card for you who studies and want to choose between a lot a of different grouptraining classes every day. Since the card is valid in all Sweden, it’s perfect for you who travels around the country. Bring your student ID to get the student price 299SEK/month. Welcome!

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Nordic Wellness
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