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Book club

IAC has created a book club for all students.

IAC invited you to join the book club.

The purpose of the book club is to read books together, discuss them and to get recommendations of other great books. While reading a book by yourself is fun, we believe that shared joy is double joy!

The book club consists of several book circles, each focused on a single genre. So, no matter your book preference, be it fantasy, crime, adventure or comic books we have something for you. The reading pace and meeting frequency will be decided in each book circle, so everyone feels they have time to read before the book club meetings. We will read books by both Swedish and international authors. Currently book circles meet once every two weeks.

To join the book club, you need to sign up on the link above and tell us which book circle you want to be part of for fall 2023. We also encourage you to join the facebook group page, there all important information will be posted External link, opens in new window..

We look forward to having you in our book club!

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