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Culture Day

The purpose of a Culture Day is to give students the chance to mingle with other students while presenting their country and culture. You can talk to people who are interested in your country and culture or talk to students who are interested in going abroad to your country.

Culture Day

How can I sign up?

You grab one of the Culture Day Coordinators directly and talk to them, or you send an email to international@js.ju.se to get more information or to set up a day when you want to have your own Culture Day.

What do I need to know?

You are not allowed to offer alcoholic drinks or warm food. Other than that, you are open to come up with any ideas: from having a quiz over PowerPoints to wearing traditional clothing – all is welcome.

By the end of each semester, the Culture Day coordinators of the IAC will hand out a prize to the best Culture Day organizers!

You have a budget, but it’s important to keep the receipt until the Culture Day is over.

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