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When you arrive to Jönköping University you will notice one specific thing, every other student at campus speaks another language than Swedish. Jönköping University is truly international!

Students from all over the world studies at Jönköping University. Every tenth student, 1500 in total, have travelled across the world to Jönköping.

The Jönköping Student Union works specifically with the goal of increasing intergration between international and Swedish students.

Except from all activities, trips and events that the Student Union arranges that are open for all students to join, you can also apply for the two programs below.

The Buddy Program and the Contact Family Program aims to provide international students with an understandning and experience of the Swedish society and culture. You will meet a lot of new friends!

Get a Buddy

If you are an incoming international student, you can apply to get a so called Buddy. A Buddy is a current student at the University who can help you to adjust to the student life in Jönköping and be a helping hand. The Buddies are both Swedish and international students.

Become a buddy

Are you a current student at Jönköping University or in Eksjö and want to become a Buddy for an international student soon arriving to Jönköping? Maybe you remember how you felt coming to a totally different country with a new language? Now you have the chance to help a fellow student so that he/she wont feel the same.

To be a Buddy wont take a lot of your time. You will be a helping hand, showing the new student around and telling him/her about the student life in Jönköping.

Get a contact Family

The Contact Family Program aims to provide international students with a deeper insight and understanding of the Swedish culture and lifestyle of a Swedish family.

By participating in the program, the family and student will be able to get to know each other and exchange experiences and culture. The family will provide you with a social network, not accommodation.

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