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Ski trip

When the snow finally reaches the Småland region you don’t have to travel to the north to be able to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding. After a one hour bus ride you will be on top of the hill, ready to explore the slopes.

Every winter the Jönköping Student Union arranges at least one day trip to either Isabergexternal link or Mullsjöexternal link where students and skiers, rookies and expe3riences, can go skiing and snowboarding for the day. 

Bus ride, ski pass and gear is always included in the price. It’s up to you if you want to try skis, snowboard or bring your own gear. 

PS. If it gets to cold you can always take a cup of hot chocolate in the café.

 Please note: Detailed information pertaining to a specific trip, such as the departure time/date, what's included and ticket sales can be found in the calendar closer to its start date.

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