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Campus happenings

The motto of the Student Union is that there should be at least one social event on campus every day. Although the selection varies throughout the year, some events are recurring. 

Did you know that all activities are organized by students? Check out how you can become involved!

Language Café

Are you interested in languages? Do you like to chat over a cup of coffee? In that case, Language Café is perfect for you.

Every Monday afternoon, students from all four schools meet at Rio to learn new languages or dust off their school French. Take this opportunity to expand your network in a multicultural environment!

Movie Night

Once every week, there's free cinema on campus, organized by students. Movie nights are open to all members of the Student Union and the movie selection is top notch: often the latest movies, just off the cinema screens. 

Don't forget to bring candy and your JU Cardexternal link

Culture Day

Want to learn more about other cultures, countries, and partner universities? At 12 noon every Friday, international students present their home universities and their cultures at Rio. A perfect opportunity to make new friends if you're planning to go abroad. 

If you're there early, you may even have a chance to taste some local delicacies. A new country every week - don't miss out!

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