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Game Night

Welcome to the first Game Night of the decade!

In the usual CardBoard way we will be bringing great games for you to enjoy and make sure there is tasty food for you to buy in between the games. So grab your friends and come by Sydney (Hälso) the 30th of January.

Our Game Of The Night will this time be Secret Hitler, a social deduction game for 5-10 people about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler. A board member will be hosting the Game Of The Night so there is no need to know the rules before joining and anyone may join the game, just make sure to get your spot by the table. The game starts at 18.30.

As always there is no need for any prior knowledge of any games we provide. If you need an explanation on how the game works you can either, read the rules there or ask one of our board members to explain the game rules.


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