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10 Dec 10.00 -
11 Dec 10.00

Radio K bryr sig

December 10th at 10.00, it is time for the annual Radio K event.

December 10th at 10.00, it is time for the annual Radio K event. So get cozy, because for 24 hours we are doing loads of different activities.

This year's theme is "Sex is not a weapon" and all the money raised during the event will go directly to MusicAid! During the event there will be held, amongsts other things, a self-defense course, lunch with a concert, various activities and lots of competitions where you can win fun prizes. Towards the evening there Wil be a live pod with some funny people and mulledwine with the board. It is simply 24 hours completely full of various things.

How can you contribute? By swinging past the HLK studio, you have the opportunity to shop for coffee, talk in our studio, participate in various activities and competitions and bid on auctions.

Contribute here:
https://bossan.musikhjalpen.se/collections/radio-k-bryr-sig-2019 External link.
SWISH: 070 314 40 43
Auction Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/295733460931649/ External link.

The event starts: 10:00 on December 10 Location: Radio studio at HLK Follow us LIVE via stream here: https: //www.twitch.tv/radiokjkpg/

Follow the event on our social media with # rkbs19

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