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17.45 - 22.00

Pizza and prosecco, open Stage

Tired of local pizzerias? In need of a new hangout spot to gossip about yesterday’s Aka? JSU Project Team has the concept for you!

Already tired of Christmas food even though the month of December has not even begun? But do you still dare to admit that you like christmas decorations, maybe some christmas music and to hang out with your friends?

We at the JSU Project Team are also tired of christmas food, we are more for Italian pizza. Have you ever celebrated christmas and eaten pizza? Not? Then you should come on 28/11

On Thursday, November 28th, we open the doors for our popular event at the Student Union’s restaurant Sydney. For 90 SEK you can wind down with traditional Italian-style pizza and a glass of prosecco or an ice-cold cola.

During the evening, you will have the chance to listen to performances through our concept "Open Stage".
Maybe you want to perform with something? Please send an email to projektledare@js.ju.se. You can of course sign up during the evening as well!

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