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1 Nov 23.30 -
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Until November 30th you can join the Student Union´s committee NAC.

JSU National Advocacy Committee (JSU-NAC) is the committee for national collaboration and student-political representation at the student union. We represent JSU at national forums hosted by other student unions in Sweden and at the National Students’ Union of Sweden. We are looking for you who are: a good representative, like meeting new people, politically interested and understands the difference between your own and the unions opinions.

Every year Jönköping Student Union takes part in and hosts a number of forums meant to further union-to-union collaboration and further our democratic representation. These forums can be about anything from regional forums about student life to student-political forums with the goal of establishing a joint political agenda.

JSU-NAC:s political job is founded in the Letter of Opinion adopted each year at the JSU Annual meeting. With this document as a basis, the committee writes motions to the National Students’ Union of Sweden and works to create collaborations with other likeminded student unions.

“It is really fun. We get to meet a lot of people from all over Sweden. You get to hear so many interesting opinions” – Eric Gustafsson, committee member.

We are looking for you who are interested in:

  • National cooperation
  • Representative work
  • Student politics

JSU-NAC is the student politics preparatory committee for the JSU Board. It also acts as delegation for the JSU towards other student unions in Sweden. We are now looking for new committee members.

DPlease send your application through this link. external link For applications, please email: jsu.nationaladvocacy@gmail.com