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19 Aug 13.00 -
29 Aug 19.30

Kick Off 19- Cellskapet

Below you´ll find the schedule for students studying at the School of Health and Welfare (Hälso). Your Kick Off is arranged by Cellskapet.

Monday 19

13-14. Hälso. Kick Off info

14-15. Hälso. Get to know each other

15-18. Jönköping. "Stadskampen"

Tisdag 20

12-13.45. Hälso. Possibility to purchase your overall

14.00-16.30. Hälsoparken. Overall ceremony/ 5-kamp

Onsdag 21

14. Knektaparken. "Vem blir våtast?"

Torsdag 22

18. Hälsoparken. Ticket sales

19-22. Hälsoparken. Night mission

Fredag 23

11-13. Campus Arena. Student Welcome Fair

16-18. Hälso. "Prova på sittning"

Lördag 24

13-17. Hälsoparken. Kick Off Pre festival

17-01. Campus. Kick Off Festival

Söndag 25

JU-aulan. Movie Night

Måndag 26

17-20. Hälso. Cellskräck

Tisdag 27

17. Nedre Hälsoparken. Gladiator games

Onsdag 28

18. Preparty at your fadder

Torsdag 29

17.15-19.30. Akademien. Sittning

August 19th-22nd between 11-15 the Kick Off Lounge outside the Students´House will be open. here you´ll find the Student Union and its associations. You can also buy your Kick Off Festival ticket here as well as Kick Off merch and your toga merch. Inside the Lounge you will be treated with games and snacks.

Akademien will be open all nights (except for Saturday and Sunday)

For specific questions about the Kick Off , please contact your fadder which you will be given your first day at JU.

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