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15 May 17.00 -
16 May 00.30

Food Safari

15 May Food Safari with IAC

What is Food Safari about?

Meeting new people while sharing a delicious 3-course meal in different places all over town.
For this Food Safari, we would like to do it a little bit different by having a country theme. This mean that when you sign up, you will have the opportunity to state which country you are from and if you wish to cook a dish from your country of origin to surprise your Food Safari guests! This is of course optional, but we encourage you to take the chance to show others what your home country is all about. We in IAC think we can all agree on that there is nothing more cultural than food

How does it work?

• You sign up in teams of two persons.
• We arrange the teams in a way that you prepare ONE course: starter, main-dish or dessert, and you will serve it at your place.
• Every meal takes place at a different location with two other teams each time.
• That means that you have to prepare your dish for six students (including you and your team member).
• The budget for your dish should be between 200 – 300 SEK, this your team will pay for.

We will work out your individual dinner routes through the city and sent it to you via email.

Where can I sign up?


You can sign up during the opening hours of Student Service (bottom floor in Student House) between 10:00-14:00 Mon-Fri ,

You can sign up between April 24th -May 10th .We accept no late sign ups so BE ON TIME.


The Food Safari will take place Wednesday the 15th of May at 17.00.

How much is it?

We have to ask you for a registration fee of 40 SEK per person. But you will get a cool patch for your overall and a free entrance ticket to Akademien valid for that night only. NOTE, you will not get any refund if you can't attend after you've registered.

Some rules to remember when signing up!
If you cancel you need to find replacement, otherwise you are not allowed to participate next time.
We do not give you refund.

There might also be some travel expenses when you need to take the bus. Please don’t miss the food people prepared for you, just because you don’t want to take the bus. However, you can only sign up within Jönköping so the trip should not be far.


We are all meeting in Akademien for the after party. A nice opportunity to meet again all the guys you have met during the dishes.

Remember that you will get in to Akademien for free with your free entrance ticket, so there is no need to rush through the dessert :)

What about the photo competition?
As usual, the best picture will be awarded with a nice prize!

If you have any further questions, please contact international@js.ju.se

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