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JUSA World Cup Futsal

To end the school year in a proper way, JUSA invites you to its annual futsal tournament!

In this event, your team (consisting of 5 to 8 players) will represent a country. It is important that every team member have matching color of the shirt. Here are the options to choose from (if you have a special request you can send us a message):
- Sweden - Yellow
- Germany - White
- Egypt - Red
- Mexico - Green
- Japan - Dark Blue
- Brasil - Yellow
- USA - Black
- Croatia - White

Game time will be 12 minutes in group stages and 20 minutes in playoffs. There will be two groups of four where two teams advance in each. More detailed playing schedule will be published after all spots are filled.

Standard futsal rules apply, including these modifications:
1. 4 meter rule: opponents must not be closer than 4 meter to the ball during kick-ins.
2. Accumulated free-kicks: the 4th free kick becomes a penalty kick from a little further distance.
3. Teams are allowed to pass their own goalkeeper as much as they’d like. However, he must then not use his hands.
4. There is no time limit for how long the goalkeeper can have the ball by his feet.
5. A Red card means the player is out for the rest of the game (unless the referee claims suspension for more games). A booked player may not be replaced that same game.
6. WO if a team is more than 3 minutes delayed for their game.

The cost to participate: 40SEK (60 for nonmembers)

Sign up in student service from 23rd of April to 9th of May

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