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27 Apr 10.00 -
28 Apr 14.00

Moose Safaris

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet a real living moose and to visit a typical Swedish cottage! It won’t get more Swedish than this.

We offer two trips this semester:
1st trip: Saturday 27th of April
2nd trip: Sunday 28th of April

We’ll leave on Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 AM and will be back around 6 PM. We travel by bus and will on the way go to the moose park visit a small Swedish cottage Where we will be served a Swedish lunch. There is also a hiking trail where you can explore.

After a while, we take the bus to Virum – a small town in the deep forest of Småland and the small moose park there. When we reach our destination we will be taken by old military vehicles in to the area where the moose live. While staying in the moose area you get the opportunity to feed and pet the moose. They are very friendly and used to people, but you are not allowed to get out of the wagon, it is a wild animal.
At the moose park, there is also a souvenir shop, so bring some money of you want to buy a memory. http://www.virummoosepark.se/ External link.

When everyone’s happy, we’ll take the bus back to Jönköping.

Ticket price: 450 SEK.

What’s included?
Traditional Swedish lunch
Chance to try out some nice hiking paths in the Swedish nature
Entrance to the moose park
An amazing patch for your overall
Feel free to bring your own snacks for the bus trip.

Book your ticket at student service:
For the first trip April 27th: booking is at student service from Monday March 25th -Thursday March 28th from 10:00-14:00
For the 2nd trip April 28th: booking is at student service from Friday March 29th- Tuesday April 2nd from 10:00-14:00

If you have any further questions, please contact international@js.ju.se

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