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10.00 - 16.00

Scania Student Tour

Tuesday November 13th Scania Student Tour will arrive to Jönköping. Mingle with the emloyees at Scania, learn mored about their career opportunities and attend the free lunch seminars.

Below you´ll find the scedule for the Scania Student Tour.

10-16, outside the JTH entrance

Come visit us in the Scania Student Tour trailer, have a warming cup of coffee and take the chance to mingle with some of the leading developers and engineers in our global organization. If you are interested in deepen your knowledge or develop your leadership skills, don´t forget to ask about our trainee and engineer programs, our internships, thesis projects and last but not least our summer jobs.

12.10-12.55 Free lunch lectures. Choose one lecture.

From JIBS to Scania. A Trainee perspective

As former students at JIBS, we would like to share our journey with you; from JIBS to Scania through the Scania Global Champion Trainee Program. You will get an overview of the company, the program and understand what it is like to work at Financial Services and Sales & Marketing. How do we form a sustainable future while working for one of the largest manufacturers within heavy transport?

Time: 12:10-12:55

Place: B4066, Nordeasalen

Name: Joel Pehrsson

Title: Area Manager, Scania Buses & Coaches

Name: Nils Forssell

Title: Business Unit Coordinator, Scania Financial Services

The presentation will be held in English

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Why being average gave me a head start in IT

The digitalization of the transport industry opens up for both possibilities and challenges. To reap the rewards of this transformation we need to stay close to customer needs, collaborate globally and tightly with colleagues, partners and customers, and innovate “fast-and-short”, in other words … we need to excel in agile. Our strong belief is that bringing together passionate developers like you, from various backgrounds and expertise, will not only result in code being delivered, but solutions to actual problems that real people face every day.

You will learn more about:

  • My journey from a ballet dancer to a Scania employee
  • How I went from an average programmer to a successful Solution architect
  • What Scania looks for in future employees and why you should join the company
  • What opportunities there is in a global company and how to join us (Scania)
  • Available master thesis projects in the area of connected services and how to apply

Time: 12:10-12:55

Place: E1405, Gjuterisalen

Name: Jim Engman

Title: Solution Architect

The presentation will be held in English

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