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Join our team. Apply for our Board

We want YOU at the Student Union! This is the perfect opportunity to get new friends, work experience, make your CV more outstanding, evolve on a personal level, get a bigger network and the most important thing- affect the student life in Jönköping.

HLK and JTH representative in the Board: The board meets once a month to discuss and take decisions concerning the student life in Jönköping. In a team of eleven students you will discuss the work at the Student Union and the student life here in Jönköping. Plus, you have the opportunity to take decisions on how you would like to evolve that even further. Perfect experience to put in your CV, not that many can say that they´ve been in a board for 8500 members and affected the student life in Jönköping.

Send your CV and personal letter to valberedningen@js.ju.se latest May 11th.

This happens when we´ve received your CV:

You can apply for this positions during the Annual Meeting, on May 18th.

The Nomination Committee will contact you to have a little interview. After that you are welcome to join the Extra Annual Meeting where you have the opportunity to present yourself.

Before the meeting, all documents, the agenda and your CV and personal letter (without any personal data) will be send to the members.

Find out more about the positions on our campaign web.

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