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JSU Annual Meeting

A warm welcome to the JSU Annual Meeting on April 20th. Together we will improve our student life on campus.

On April 20th at 09.00 in B1024 (JP-auditorium, JIBS) it´s time for the JSU Annual Meeting. Together we will have discussions regarding what JSU should focus on the upcoming year to make the student life as great as possible. We will also elect students for vacant positions and jobs at the Student Union. You don´t want to miss this!


March 30th: Deadline for motions and interpellations, ordf@js.ju.se

April 6th: Deadline for applications to vacant positions, valberedningen@js.ju.se

Vacant positions:

- President, remunerated
- Vice President, remunerated
- Member in the Nomination Committee
- Member in the JSU Board
- Operations Controller

(Apply and become a Delegate of your School to become eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. Your student association appoints its representatives at their Biannual meeting.)

More information about the Annual Meeting on our campaign web

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