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Organisational complexity and development

Today is the first day of a couple of takeovers, where we will try and give you some insights to what the remunerated at the union work with. We are going to publish articles about each area together with takeovers at Instagram story.

We are starting off with me Sophia, the President of JSU. My main area is organisation and I will try and give you my perspective as well as give an insight to what we do as a union within this area.

From my experience, organisation is a challenging area since it´s broad and complex. But, this also makes it exciting and it´s incredibly developing to work with. For my part it´s not always the tasks themselves that are the most challenging but rather to come to terms with that you have a limited number of hours and that you thereby must prioritize among them. This is a tricky thing when everything feels interesting and important in order to improve the student-life on campus.

For the past couple of years, the work with the internal organisation has been varied and lacked coordination. This is mostly due to the fact that the presidium and board members are switched out every year, which makes it difficult to develop a long-term perspective. But, this operational year we are giving it focus. We are developing a plan which we hope can last for the coming years on how we continuously can improve internally as an organisation.

But why, you might ask, is this so important? I profoundly believe that if the internal organisation is either not functioning or is not given the opportunity to stay updated to its surroundings, we as a union cannot perform the monitoring and representation job we are tasked with. Which in the end means we can´t give students the quality in your student life that you deserve. Admittedly, this is slow work as it can take over one or two years to notice the changes. But, we must remember that what we have today is thanks to previous generations of students and that our work is important for the future.

Besides, there are still things we can improve and my work has been to look for these improvements, both short-term and long-term. This means that I apart from internal organisation development works for example with strategy, a lot of documents that regulates how the organisation functions when it comes to decisions and other processes. Since transparency is also an important area for us and where we can make many improvements, it´s an area I spend some of my time on. Again, it takes much more time than you might imagine. And it can be difficulty sometimes to not get frustrated when change is a little reluctant to show. But when it does, it´s an amazing feeling.

This is just a short glimpse into what I work with as the President and if you want to find out more about it, have suggestions for the areas I work with or just want to know more about my position (which you can apply for in May) do not hesitate to contact me! --> president@js.ju.se

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