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JSU Presidium

The best of both worlds! That´s the easiest way to describe the reality of the Presidium! They are students at JU who have been given one year to work with our student life, improve it even further and take the Student Union to the next step. (And they receive salary for it.)

With a flourishing student life and a student city who constantly grows and evolves the Presidium have the perfect platform to base their work on. During one year they get to work closely with lots of different people, associations, organization etcetera to improve the student life even more and to turn the decisions, decided at the Annual Meeting, into reality. They also get to be a part of decision making groups at JU and work closely with the municipality in order to make Jönköping to an even better student city.

Do you have any ideas or thought of how to improve the student life? In that case you are more than welcome to visit the Presidium. Or you can just take a coffee with them and see which projects they are working with at the moment.

You´ll find the Presidium in the Student´s House, 2nd floor. Welcome!

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