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Are you a curious student at JU with lots of ideas and visions? Then we have the perfect platform for you- the JSU Board! This is the place where you can evolve your ideas into reality and improve the student life!

When you become a Board member at the Student Union you are given tools to affect and evolve the Student Union and student´s life in Jönköping, you will meet lots of new people (for example our Board members in the picture) as well as get awesome knowledge and important experiences to put in your CV.

Except from that, being a Board member is a very highly respected position where you have responsibility towards the members. Before every meeting, which is approximately once a month, you will be given an agenda with documents which you have to go through before the meeting. In addition, you are given the opportunity to affect the agenda and add new matters to discuss/ questions etc.

So, you now have the perfect opportunity to affect, learn new things, get to know what is happening at the Student Union, get to know new people and much more.

Together we will take the student life in Jönköping to the next level!

Content checked / updated  2019-06-20

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