The Jönköping Student Union works specifically with the goal of increasing integration between international and Swedish students at Jönköping University.

The Student Union organizes social activities where all students are welcome – International & Swedish. The Student Union also tries to provide international students with an understanding and experience of Swedish society and culture. To do this, we offer – among other activities – the Buddy Program where we aim is to strengthen international social networks and to make adjusting into life in Jönköping easier from the student’s perspective. Our highly successful Contact Family Program also allows students to “become” a part of a Swedish family in Jönköping area and create even better bonds.

Jönköping Student Union organizes many integrative activities such as cultural days where you as an international student get the opportunity to present your country, your culture and your university.

Some other examples of what the InteStudent Union arranges are:

  • Welcome dinner
  • Affordable adventure trips to Norway, Copenhagen and Russia
  • Trips to Kiruna in the very north of Sweden just above the Arctic Circle!
  • One day trips to eg. Gränna – the Candy town, and Moose Safari
  • Nature hikes
  • Weekly Culture Days where you can represent your country to other students
  • Goodbye dinner

And many more exciting events. We welcome all the new and old students to Jönköping University and wish you to have the best time of your life!

The Integration and Activity Committee consists of students who joined on a voluntary basis. Everyone is welcome to apply for the committee.