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Food Safari

Welcome to our first Food Safari event for this semester. What is Food Safari about?

Meeting new people whilst sharing a delicious 3-course meal in one place in or around Jönköping.

How does it work?

• You sign up in teams of two.
• We arrange the teams in a way that you prepare ONE course: starter, main-dish or dessert.
• All meals will be hosted by the team cooking the main dish (meaning the other groups will bring their food to your place) . This is due to the fact that this team will most likely need a stove or oven. We kindly ask the teams cooking appetizer or dessert to take their meal with them and if needed contact the main dish team for access to the kitchen.
• Please ensure that in shared accommodations /student accommodation only one team member at a time is assigned to the main dish we expect you to respect the rules of social distancing, and your fellow flat/ corridor mates also participating in Food Safari have access to another kitchen so as to avoid many people being in the same kitchen at the same time. We want to have this event as Corona friendly as possible and prevent that more than six people are together in one kitchen. We ask you to respect the social distancing rules and be considerate of others
• That means that you have to prepare your dish for six students (including you and your team member).
• The budget for your dish should be between 200 – 300 SEK, which your team will pay for.
We will work out your individual dinner route and send it to you via email.

Where can I sign up?
You can sign up during the opening hours of Student Service (bottom floor in Student House) between 10:00-13:00 Mon-Thu ,
You can sign up between Sep 16th -Sep 25th.We don't accept late sign ups so BE ON TIME.

The Food Safari will take place WEDNESDAY 30th of September 2020 at 17.00.
How much is it?
We have to ask you for a registration fee of 30 SEK per person. But you will get a cool awesome patch for your overall. Note: we have a very limited edition of our new patches, so the first 25 groups to sign up will be able to get them.
Friendly Note: you will not get any refund if you can't attend the event after you've registered.
Some rules to remember when signing up!
If you cancel you need to find a replacement, otherwise you are not allowed to participate next time.
***If you have any questions write to us at : international@js.ju.se

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