Öppna meny
10.00 - 19.00

College Basketball Tournament

For the first time ever in Jönköping University's history, universities around Sweden are coming to battle against each other in basketball!!

Guest teams:
Royal institute of Technology
Lund University, faculty of engineering
Malmö University

Come and cheer for JUs own team, the JUSA Jaguars both women's and men's teams

Game-schedule for Saturday

10.00-10.40 JUSA C - LTH women
10.50-11.30 JUSA B - Malmö
11.40-12.20 KTH men - JUSA A
12.30-13.10 LTH women - KTH women
13.20-14.00 JUSA A - LTH men
14.10-14.50 KTH women - JUSA C
15.00-15.40 Malmö - KTH men
15.50-16.30 LTH men - JUSA B

PAUSE 16.30

FINAL 16.50 women
FINAL 17.50 men

AFTERPARTY at Akademien!!
Our guests-players are on the list. Free entry before 22.00.

Pre-party will be announced later...

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